Let the Season begin!


Some years it takes longer than others, but this year I was starting to worry that it wasn’t going to happen at all; especially when I received my espresso in a festive holiday cup from Starbucks and it did nothing to improve my mood. I immediately went to my office and popped in my Charlie Brown Christmas CD and for the first time in my life, I actually cringed when the music began.

Yes…I’m talking about catching the holiday spirit…..

I admit that being in St. Augustine for the opening of the Festival of Lights was pretty cool, but once the lights faded in my rearview mirror, so did the feeling and I haven’t been able to find it again…until today.

We broke with tradition this year, as all the decorations were in the attic at my husbands shop, buried under rolls of leather and material, seat frames, foam pads and boxes and boxes of who knows what. So, I decided we’d make homemade snowflakes, get a little tree and buy a few new ornaments…you know, keep it simple and low key.

So, we had our moment of fun making the snowflakes and hung them throughout the house and today I decided to make the trek to the beach, climb up in the attic and unbury the decorations. I brought them home, put up the tree, hung the lights, unwrapped the snow-globes and porcelain snowmen and Santa’s that I’ve collected over the years, but still it didn’t do it for me.

Then I came to the unmarked box, opened it up and found it filled with the Old World Santa’s that my father has carved for me over the years and suddenly it was Christmas! I carefully unpacked each one, noting the details and love he poured into each and every one that started as nothing more than a piece of wood and I knew then why it had taken so long for me to find the holiday spirit…because I miss being with my family. But as I placed each Santa on display, I could feel the love not only filling the room, but filling my heart.

I will be home for Christmas…if only in my dreams-



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