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She wanted to know why, if as he said, she was the love of his life, the twin of his flame, the mirror of his soul; destined to be together, through this life and all others, what then were they waiting for, and why waste any more precious time.

Forever playing the pitiful victim and prophetic poet, he responded as such –

She stands, disgusted, watching the Hunter curl into a ball at the edge of the Forest. Shield and weapons broken. Antlers splintered and shattered, clothes and skin torn and bleeding, tears stream down the face of the weak one. The one who never has the courage or strength to even know what to do…

This is not an answer. This is me at my worst, unable to answer yet. And hoping beyond hope that you can swallow your contempt, and bear with me…

Indeed, he was the worst; the worst womanizing, manipulator she ever had the misfortune of loving. It was only after that she came to know true contempt; so tightly welled inside that she’d never be able to swallow – only purge at random, broken bits and bloody pieces, that she choked on daily and left her gasping, each time she tried to take a full breath.

©2013 jillterry | jillterry.com


ignis fatuus

ignis fatuus

Enveloped in a cocoon
Safe in a protective crowd
Intent in this technique
Forever shielding himself

Lost in glorified illusion
To keep from coming apart
His ugly unknown truth
Self-serving lies

A knife looming
Forever in darkness
Threatening to shred
Threadbare foundation

Alone in the corner
When everyone has gone
Haunted by echoes
Broken wailing hearts

Eloquently manipulated
Some forever scarred
All unknowing victims
His sick twisted vice

©2013 jillie

Imitation of Life

imitation of life

Alas the emotional storm has subsided
And once more the predator preys
Assuming a false identity
So as to bask in the wake
Of his disease and destruction

To see in an image
To read within a word
Anything resembling him
Proof he had been there


Succumbing once more
To this need to manipulate
Feeding his self-serving
Childish ego

With his narcissistic
Nefarious ways

Hurting women
With relentless flirtation
Emotional and spiritual
Claims of connection

Fantastical dreams
And promises of a future
Each being the only one

So as not to read
His true intentions

Along with his playful
Drawn-out seduction
Come flattering words
Gifts bestowed upon them

These women
These momentary
Interests of love

Feeding his addiction
Till he no longer
Needs them

Spinning webs
Lies so intricate
Cover-up stories
False alibis

All to sustain
This double life

A man-child looking for validation
Appearing most vulnerable
Endearing countless women

To appease his desperate need
Of reassurance from all females

A tragic person
Searching desperately
For something
For any thing

To quench the unquenchable
Internal esteem issues

To fill that blackened
Void of emptiness
That slowly consumes
From the inside out

Awaiting the inevitable fallout
Always the fault of the woman

For his ego denies the reality
Of his own fucked up behavior

©2013 Jill Terry

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