Soaring Solo

Morning coffee on the veranda Sun sparkling diamonds across still water Reflecting and questioning her needs and wants Completely alone with only her thoughts She thought about him across the miles Flying solo on that rocky coast Yoga at sunrise with no care in the world Guided solely by his internal light What was itContinue reading “Soaring Solo”


When great expectations Fall short of delivery Needs and wants Remain unfulfilled Wishes and dreams Turn to imagination Tears and pain Are all too real Search for the River Without any banks For life is precious Time too short We shouldn’t waste What elements of each We currently possess Though it might not be ExactlyContinue reading “ELEMENTS”


He uses them for everything They often don’t mean anything He leaves them with nothing Varying degrees of his Needs or wants Determine the depth He is forced to Or willing To go Gluttony being his Favored sin He feasts upon Their emotional Need Savoring the flavor Of collective fear Seasoned lightly With his ownContinue reading “Multi-purpose”