At the end of the day . . .

Sound of the waves Caress of the sea breeze Warmth of the sun Welcoming Nurturing Necessary Knowing what awaits me What too soon is to come Taking a day alone Just me my self and I Contenplating the universe Sorting my internal mess Watching my certainty Ebb and flow with the tide Silent prayers risingContinue reading “At the end of the day . . .”


She sat in the corner, listening to the deafening sound of silence, the room cold and dark, but for the faint amber glow of the accent lamp that illuminated the edge of her desk. She looked at the untouched plate of food and her stomach recoiled at the sight. She needed to get rid ofContinue reading “LEFT BEHIND”


Not quite world renowned, yet still slightly famous His artistry revered among an extended circle of faithfuls All clamoring for entrance to behold the coveted treasures The beauty of his creations surpassed only by his vision Sometimes a window, sometimes a mirror Making one question their own perceptions Forcing them to look within rather thanContinue reading “SHADOWS IN GLASS”

Collective fear

I feared the words He spoke were truth Of me About me In spite of me Because He knew me Because I let him Because I wanted him to Like none other Before or after Deeper Better To the core Then left to wonder If he knew me At all © jillterry