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4:54 AM

Thoughts abound
My minds playground
Body beyond exhaustion
Somebody please tell me
Where the FUCK
Is the OFF switch

©2012 jillterry.com



She found herself traveling
South on A1A
Desperate now to get back
To that place

Hunting ghosts
Slaying demons
Searching for that lost
Part of her self

Since the door was slammed
Locked down tight
She was filed away
On the back of a shelf

Images unraveling
With the hum of the miles
A Technicolor reel
Unraveling in her mind

She reaches the bridge
Inlet in sight
Closes her eyes
Lets out a sigh

© jillterry

Poem-a-day No.6

Taillights dissolve

Nineteen hundred
Eighty seven
On the road
Slaying ghosts


Poem-a-day No.3

Emotion in Motion

Fourteen hours of endless highway
Thoughts ticking down the miles
The journey is over
Darkness calls
Spirit settles
I am done…


Faded scars

I feel for her.
Sort of.
Maybe not so much.
I want to warn her.
Never mind.
Let her learn the hard way.
Would do no good anyway.
Earn her badge among the ranks.
Ugly scars like the rest of us wear.
Or rather wore, I should say.
Mine are gone now.
How about yours?


Boulevard of the Bizarre

It’s like an alternate universe
One that makes my skin crawl
Though I know it shouldn’t
Still I can’t help my self

Littered with the the dregs of society
And side show carnival freaks
Where the Twilight Zone meets the Dark Side
It’s the Boulevard of the Bizarre

Don’t know where they come from
Where they’re going
Where they’ve been
Diseased crack whores on every corner
Physically deformed driving wheelchairs like cars

Mentally disabled talking to street signs
Blind men hanging onto bus stop posts
Doctors behind the wheels of Mercedes’
Staring blindly straight ahead

Maneuvering to my destination
Trying desperately not to cringe
I know I shouldn’t feel this way
But somehow I can’t help my self

What if one of them were Jesus
Or all in the image of Him
Is this really someone I want to meet
Are these thoughts considered sin


Hypocritic Bullshit

So tired of people…

Screaming for love
When there’s no love
In them

Crying foul
When they cheat
At every turn

Pointing a finger
Casting the

Refusing to take
For actions all
Their own

Refusing or

A sure sign
Of the true

Is it any
I chose this
Path of

Blinded by the
When true colors
Are revealed


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