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At the Vernal

I come in celebration
Of the dawning of

As the time of
New growth
Is upon us

May the immobility
Of winter’s
Chilling grasp

Release us
From its bonds

As our spirits
And hearts
Find renewed

In the warmth
Of the light half
Of this year

© jillterry


I’m listening

The universe is calling; and I am listening. Ensnared in the trap for far too long; searching for a Sage while wallowing in angst. Conceding to the darkness as it consumed and controlled. Though not completely, and not any more.

The universe is whispering; and I am listening. Mother Nature opens her arms, enveloping me in her warm embrace; showing me beauty, nature’s sanctuary; her peace, her bounty and all her glory.

The universe is beckoning; and I am following. A child of Aries, beginning anew; harnessing energy, strength and truth. Turning attention from outward to within, finding my Sage the moment I did.



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