Guiding Light

The eternal light of LOVE Borderless – all powerful – Infinite Highlighting the subtle insignificance Of so many aspects upon which we place importance The scale by which all else should be measured The one clear path to truth – understanding – happiness The guiding spirit I choose to follow Throughout the remainder of thisContinue reading “Guiding Light”


I don’t know what’s happening to me I don’t know why it’s happening I don’t know this person I see my self becoming Who is this Stranger I feel lurking inside me The one that rises up From some secret blackened pit Ripping through the veil Snatching me by the soul Bounds and gags meContinue reading “FORCED ENTRY”

Memory Holes

My mission was clear, determined in the hours preceding my slumber. A journey must be made in order to obtain the necessary information to formulate my plot. And so under the cloak of darkness, when my body and mind were at rest and the door to world’s unknown lay open and waiting, my spirit tookContinue reading “Memory Holes”

Life’s revolving door

Sitting for hours Head full of foils Watching in boredom The continuous revolving Door A plethora of aged Women All come to get Their hair done Most of them there Simply for cuts One sassy dame Opting for color Burgundy streaks In her thick Silver mane While others received Their weekly roll What struck meContinue reading “Life’s revolving door”