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Dear Mr. Baylay,

Dear Mr. Baylay,

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if memory serves, you’re the vodka cranberry fellow that left a few comments on my blog some four years ago?

Over the past several weeks you’ve contacted me in regards to those comments, requesting that they be removed, even going so far as to leave the links where said comments can be found and easily deleted; which for anyone interested, personally or professionally, can be found at the end of this post.

Your latest email, of yesterday I believe it was, states the following;

Hi Jill,

I wrote you a couple of times reference comments on your blog.. did you get my mails? I would really appreciate your help, those comments are affecting my career. If you don’t wish to help, please let me know, so I am not just sitting and wondering.

Hope you are well,
All the very best to you –

Paul DH Baylay
25 Media | Entertainment Management

First of all, Paul, I am not well, thank you for your empty words of concern, nor have I been for quite some time. So, while you’ve been sitting, wondering and waiting if and when my help will be received, I’ve been in and out of hospital, dealing with real life-and-death issues, while your career is purportedly being ruined by a few comments once left on my site; which makes me curious what exactly you do now that has left you so important, worldly and desperate to erase anything from your past which may defamate your character.

Regardless of your new station in life, which has you reaching out and patiently waiting on a response from the likes of me, let me say for the record, you should seriously think before you write and watch where you go slumming in the future.

And for your sake, Mr. Baylay, I hope your penis is as big as your ego!

All the very best to you –

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