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Wondering how they reached that place, turning their backs and walking away; back to the ball of merriment, where laughter and play is the name of the game, and the medicated haze once thought just a phase, does nothing but illuminate his illusion.

©2013 jill terry


I have no room for any more sadness
That sleepy Sunday morning marking my departure
Once again I say goodbye to that which I love
And by my own volition I relinquish my own heart

On the long turbulent wind that carried me south
I felt the void of separation in each passing mile
And I cursed myself for turning such beauty from me
Not knowing when or if it will come to me again

©2011 Jill Terry

In this silence


Too many used to be’s
Faded away with

Not enough now’s
To sustain us
Into tomorrow

© jillterry

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