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Gypsy Soul ~

A fortress she built, stronghold round her heart, burying the key within an ancient tomb, so that no man could do as once he had done ~
©2014 jillterry | gypsychyk.com



It’s the games created
The ones she plays
Her self the sole competitor

Of sheer necessity
For the sake of her sanity
A form of self preservation

Some would think crazy
Others might pity
A few might find pure genius

Tweaking thought process
To fool the body
Into believing an absolute falsity

Electroshock therapy
Through means of visual stimulation
Reminders of truth when all else fails

Wounds inflicted for vanquishment sake
Diminisher of torturous emotion
So conquers the physical pain

Regardless of her reasons
Why games balance reality
It matters not what others think

Just some things she does
Reminders of lost reasons
To sustain her very existence

Not because she wants to
But simply because she has to
It is what it is

It’s the method to her madness

©2011 Jill Terry



Echoes swirl
Through hallowed

Bouncing off doors
Inside my

Meaningless words
Wrapped in

A singular voice
Bent on spiritual

Bolt the door
Against his

Shut my eyes
Seek thy

© jillterry

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