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In plain sight



Soaring Solo

spirit guide

Morning coffee on the veranda
Sun sparkling diamonds across still water
Reflecting and questioning her needs and wants
Completely alone with only her thoughts

She thought about him across the miles
Flying solo on that rocky coast
Yoga at sunrise with no care in the world
Guided solely by his internal light

What was it that she wanted
Why had she reached for him
The question with no answer
Haunting both their minds

She stepped to the edge of the veranda
Leaned out over the rail
Raised her face to the heavens
Head-to-toe kissed by the sun

A quiet resolve washed over her being
As a voice inside whispered softly . . .

“N o t h i n g”

It was enough to knock
And have him open the door
To know he’s still out there
Put their past to final rest

Touched in his words
Transported by his voice
Offering genuine forgiveness
Having it accepted fully

Her smile radiated
From the inside out
As slowly she turned
Leaving her secret spot

That space of solitude
Where she throws it all out
Her spirit guide answering
In the form of a majestic hawk

©2013 jillterry │jillterry.com

We each hold the key

we each hold the key

If the power were within us
to travel worlds outside our own
to learn the secrets
that lie beyond the grave
how many of us
would make the journey

If the truth of our existence
could be found within the depths
of our own untapped minds
how deep would we go to find it

What hidden doors
would we willingly open
eagerly walk through
not knowing what shadows
might lurk on the other side

If we knew for certain
the answers could be found there

The mind knows no limits
the heart has no boundaries
and the soul is capable of soaring
the endless heights of infinity

The truth exists within us all
we need only find the key
that unlocks the door
and sets it free –

©Jill Terry

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