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Full Moon Blessings ||☽☮☾


Blessed Ostara ||☽✯☾

Feel the Cosmic sway
as the balance shifts
Astrological year begins

Equal parts darkness and light
la luna e il sole
in my birthsign aligned

At dusk I go in preparation
for dawnings celebration
To bask in the promise
of the light half of this year


©2015 | jill terry


New growth 

Quote of the day

Sometimes it’s necessary to let go of who we are, in order to become who we’re meant to be ~

©2013 jillie



Detached I had become
From all that surrounds me
Seeing things from a skewed and twisted perception
Seeing – but not through my own eyes

Focusing on nonsensical aspects
Letting the truth slip away
Allowing myself to free fall
Because of it

Then the long dark cloud blew in
Forever looming – blocking out the light
All light – leaving an abyss of blackest pitch
Bent on destruction and slow painful consumption

Finding myself once more at the threshold
Not heaven’s pearly gates
Nor hell’s flaming lakes
Simply death – nothing more

Not once but thrice
Back into the corporeal world
Desperately I was pulled

By the very light I allowed to be diffused
Due to lack of faith, fear and doubt
The blinding light that never fades
Never goes out – transcends all


The eternal light of LOVE
Borderless – all powerful – Infinite
Highlighting the subtle insignificance
Of so many aspects upon which we place importance

The scale by which all else should be measured
The one clear path to truth – understanding – happiness
The only guide I will ever again follow

Throughout the remainder of this life
Into my death – onto the next

~ jill

©2012 jillterry.com

Born anew

He forced her to look at the world, in a way she never had before. Bringing out the best in her, while dancing with the devil in her. Two people coming together, no matter the reason or cause; finding several common threads that held them together for a while.

When time had come for both to move on, perhaps it was easier to force feed her that bitter pill, rather than muster a proper goodbye; knowing if he didn’t she’d hang on forever.


In truth, the recovery took her to new depths of darkened despair, but in the end brought her nothing but good. For she was, in fact, born anew; in mind, body, spirit and soul. Forced to open her eyes and examine minutely, the reflection looking back from within the broken mirror.

Where without him she might be dwelling still, in that fog filled existence she once thought of as living.


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