Blessed Ostara ||☽✯☾

Feel the Cosmic swayas the balance shiftsAstrological year begins Equal parts darkness and lightla luna e il solein my birthsign aligned At dusk I go in preparationfor dawnings celebration To bask in the promise of the light half of this year  ©2015 |   

Blessed Ostara ||☽✯☾

Feel the Cosmic sway as the balance shifts Astrological year begins Equal parts darkness and light la luna e il sole in my birthsign aligned At dusk I go in preparation for dawnings celebration To bask in the promise of the light half of this year ☮jill ©2015 | jill terry

In this silence I believe…

First cut Solar Plexus Vertical toward Crown Counterclockwise he travels Adding three more Meticulously concentrated With precision skill Graceful fluidity Masking exerted energies Intently confident A master at his craft Superior abilities balanced with Sheer will and determination This perfect stranger Fate forced upon my path Whose concern I feel Compassion openly shown Determined toContinue reading “In this silence I believe…”


Attempting flight Breaking free of gravity That holds me down In my thinking In my feeling In my being Wanting desperately To rise above These emotional obstacles Release the floodgates Feel the strength Once more of my Passions Unleash my spirit From these constant Restraints Stretch my wings In a state of grace And remindContinue reading “FLYING HOME”


In the service of Ego’s agenda Power trips ensue Trying at best Destructive at worst Leading us deeper Into confusion and conflict Unprocessed emotion Released into stillness Focus shifting Drama untangling Breaking free slowly Calling out for healing ©2010 Jill Terry

Exquisite Wandering

Languidly she lingers On the wave of desire He secretly built Within the walls Of her heart Outside the restraints Of self inflicted bonds Passion awakens The slumbering Temptress Holding a sense of wonder Emerging from dark silence In search of the one would satisfy Her insatiable burning hunger Witnessing this Her final release HeContinue reading “Exquisite Wandering”


  Echoes swirl Through hallowed Halls Bouncing off doors Inside my soul Meaningless words Wrapped in Illusion A singular voice Bent on spiritual Intrusion Bolt the door Against his Dark Shut my eyes Seek thy Light © jillterry