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Mirrored morning ~


Hidden truths


The pain we carry
Whether real or
Mental phantoms
Keep us trapped

No matter what hope
We think we’ve found
Or how deep a mark
We believe we’ve made

The illusion fades
Because it’s a mere
Surface reflection
Of who we really are

In fear we retreat
Back inside ourselves
Not wanting to reveal
Or able to self heal

Our hidden truths

Personal demons
That cause fear and pain
With the power to drive
All else away



She lives in darkness
Hiding in corners
Afraid of the light
Afraid someone will see

Buried in the deepest
Most secret recesses
In the empty shadows
Of my wounded soul

The girl I once was
Denied even now
Longing to be embraced
By the woman I’ve become

In a moment of memory
Taken from his dream
Two souls united
Running innocent and free

He reached in and touched her
Shined his light upon her
Briefly brought her
Back to life

For the first time
In forever
Made her happy
To be alive

©2010 Jill Terry

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