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just thinking

Cole multi-tasking –
with me in hospital
doing homework
listening to music
texting Alyssa
just being himself

More than being an awesome kid – kind, caring and genuine, more than being an honors student, more than the talent he possess, more than his determination to follow his passion and make his dreams happen, more than his inherent ability to see past the facade and truly see things the way they are; today I am thankful for having successfully raised a free-thinking individual.

My greatest accomplishment to be sure – and my real gift to the world . . .

~ jill

©2012 jillterry.com



She found herself traveling
South on A1A
Desperate now to get back
To that place

Hunting ghosts
Slaying demons
Searching for that lost
Part of her self

Since the door was slammed
Locked down tight
She was filed away
On the back of a shelf

Images unraveling
With the hum of the miles
A Technicolor reel
Unraveling in her mind

She reaches the bridge
Inlet in sight
Closes her eyes
Lets out a sigh

© jillterry

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