Moving Forward

I never thought something so seemingly easy, could be so difficult. Life goes on, whether you believe you want it to or not, daily routines change and some remain the same. Possessions shift, diminish and grow, like the waxing and waning of the moon, yet it’s something inside that remains the same, grows stagnant andContinue reading “Moving Forward”

Divine Intervention

Out of nowhere came this urgent need to reconnect with him. It had been several years but took only minutes before his voice was in my ear and he was damning me for reaching out again. I’d found him in limbo, which wasn’t actually surprising, he’d already done his stint in India, studying with theContinue reading “Divine Intervention”

The Silent Killer

Fear is a silent killer that comes in many forms, recognizable at times, well disguised at others; it slowly chips away at us. Breaking off pieces, sometimes chunks at a time, from the inside out until there is nothing left. She tried again and again to express her heartfelt apologies and sorrow for the thingsContinue reading “The Silent Killer”


It never ceases to amaze me To what lengths people will go To appease their own ego To maintain the façade Making themselves And their lives Appear more gradiouse Than they actually are How many would rather Live a life built on lies Rather than face And admit their own truth Its only when weContinue reading “TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCE”


White gossamer wings Reflecting the north-flowing waters Rapidly flying south Grey clouds lowly hover Looking as if to blanket the trees Reflecting the heaviness She feels in her heart The sadness That floods Her soul While others plan their festivities To mark a time of giving thanks All she can do is wander lost UnderContinue reading “TIS THE SEASON”


Silver and ebony She is autumn’s child At the height of her being Living on fate Moments of melancholy Memories fade Hope slowly wanes Bringing fits of rage Seeing and hearing Things forced on her person Swallowing them whole Then choking and purging Fighting her way To another worlds end Where no one has toContinue reading “AT WORLDS END”