Dream within a Dream ~

Dream of me he said Knowing not the endless hours She relived every moment They ever spent together Dream of me he said Never knowing the pain Of losing twice The only loves She’d ever known The first to death Him to another Dream of me he said As he closed the door She collapsedContinue reading “Dream within a Dream ~”


I miss the man He showed me He could be The mature mind Intelligent thinking Thorough explanations Joy of teaching Brain-width expanding To make room Soaking everything As if a sponge Time spent Never wasted I miss that Most of all ~ ©2014 jillterry | jillterry.com

bad oyster

Charismatic Handsome Intelligent The world was His oyster Plucking pearls He happened across Basking in their Luminescence Until he grew Bored Then back into The sea From whence They came Neurotoxic poisoning Traces left Everywhere Not because They sprang From within a Bad oyster But simply from Being Touched by Him ©jillterry│jillterry.com