Shallow Sal

Just as it began To materialize For the first time in His life Wrapping his head His heart around it Embracing with wild Abandon Shifting perception To a clearer view Uninhibited Filled with wonder Unveiling calm In the storm of His life To his true self Introductions made Freedom offered At too high a costContinue reading “Shallow Sal”


4:44 eyes open wide Lay in the dark Gaze at the clock 4:44 make a wish So the final chapter Begins 4:44 everywhere I look Is it malicious intent Or only mere coincidence 4:44 how to break the spell Locate and remove the Emotional connection chip 4:44 she looked at his photo Saw right throughContinue reading “4:44”

Internal hard drive

Something about that Penetrating gaze Of his As if He’s looking Right through Studying the Surface Reading the Expression While searching The cause Within Snickering at The display Emotions painted On face Knowing What lingers Inside Certain of Himself Too much so Some times Just smile And nod Let it go He strolls In andContinue reading “Internal hard drive”

He left her

He left her hanging A Monet with no River Seine He left her barren An open book with no pages He left her questioning A riddle with no answer He left her doubting The truth of her very existence He left her incomplete Energy work only half started He left her drowning Gasping for breathContinue reading “He left her”

Life’s revolving door

Sitting for hours Head full of foils Watching in boredom The continuous revolving Door A plethora of aged Women All come to get Their hair done Most of them there Simply for cuts One sassy dame Opting for color Burgundy streaks In her thick Silver mane While others received Their weekly roll What struck meContinue reading “Life’s revolving door”

Processing and purging

Hearing the truth The ugly truth Trying hard to process What it really means Was always a bitter pill But somehow easier to swallow At least when there was something A reason on which to blame Delusional Madness Insanity Lunacy An innate inability To deal To cope To live To feel A falsity I nowContinue reading “Processing and purging”

Poem-a-day No.7

A path with heart Standing on the edge Looking on Dark shadows shroud The path Those who would happily Drag me down Waiting to take My hand Following for a While Truth revealing itself In darkened halls I do not wish To dwell For though at Times My soul grows Weary Darkness offering Such sweetContinue reading “Poem-a-day No.7”