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toujours les tulipes

always the tulips
that ushered forth
the shadow of a memory
in a half forgotten dream

©2015 jillterry | jillterry.com


Somewhere in time


Childhood home

Now abandoned. Forever haunted.



Little things that I couldn’t bring my self to stow away, that I come across once in a great while, reminding me that he was real; traces of a love we conjured from our dreams, moments shared that will last a lifetime.

©jillterry | jillterry.com


Things never forgotten


Torn ~


Torn from a page of memory
Her face soft against his flesh
When his being was her blessing
Their love wilder than the wind ~

©2014 jillterry | jillterry.com

Echoes Swirl


All the words he spoke
Whispered and screamed
For my ears and my heart
For my sake and my sanity
Never lifeless upon the page
Echoes whirl round
Find their way back to me

When the Universe
Wants me to remember
A bittersweet reminder
Of what was had and the cost
And the price in which it was lost

The love that rang true
That changed me forever
The love of all lifetimes
That love of me you

©2014 jillterry | jillterry.com

Playground Love

I saw it today
For the first time
In forever
That place I once played
Free to be me

My heart raced
With undeniable yearning
To be back inside
The need overwhelming

I sat and looked on
Tall rusted ferris wheel
While memories spun round
Ghosts reappeared

I walked alone
Toward the area of abandonment
Through waist high weeds
My excitement increasing

A fence blocked my path
Surrounding the border
With a hand-painted sign

My heart like a rock
Dropped and broke open
As I looked in from the outside
Overwrought with sorrow

©2013 jill terry

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