Living Death 

The minutes just keep passing White on my wrist red on the clock  Menacing with a secondhand  That hangs on the wall While the reel of visions Unravel in my mind  The harder I try to stop The faster they come Searching and found  Unmoving on the ground  Lifeless and stiff  Gun by his hand Continue reading “Living Death “


I see you suffering and wish there was something I could do for you I witness your pain and my own heart aches I see you spiraling faster each day Downward motion to nowhere land I wonder who’ll be waiting when you reach the end Unsure what led you to this path You no longerContinue reading “SOUL SISTER”


Madness comes In many forms I’ve recently Come to learn Fallen victim Self inflicted Lost wanderer Innocent bystander Watching Hearing Seeing Experiencing Feeling Living Something so small Completely Insignificant Can be the catalyst Act as the trigger And everything Spirals Comes undone Unraveling Weakening Crumbling Breaking Until you slip Into numbness Leading to Nothingness AndContinue reading “TAKING REIGN”


It’s the games created The ones she plays Her self the sole competitor Of sheer necessity For the sake of her sanity A form of self preservation Some would think crazy Others might pity A few might find pure genius Tweaking thought process To fool the body Into believing an absolute falsity Electroshock therapy ThroughContinue reading “METHOD TO MADNESS”

My soul sister,

I see you suffering, and I wish there was something I could do for you. I witness your pain, and my own heart aches. I see you spiraling, faster each day; downward motion to nowhere land. I wonder who’ll be waiting when you reach the end. Unsure what led you to this path; you noContinue reading “My soul sister,”

Internal hard drive

Something about that Penetrating gaze Of his As if He’s looking Right through Studying the Surface Reading the Expression While searching The cause Within Snickering at The display Emotions painted On face Knowing What lingers Inside Certain of Himself Too much so Some times Just smile And nod Let it go He strolls In andContinue reading “Internal hard drive”


She waits Wonders Pines For love lost Just as we All did The same Love The same Lies Differing his pain His troubled past To fit each Woman And circumstance Depending On what he Needed Or knew he could Take from them I offered up the Group of support Gathered in the Wings Patiently waitingContinue reading “Ovation”