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I miss the man
He showed me
He could be
The mature mind
Intelligent thinking
Thorough explanations
Joy of teaching
Brain-width expanding
To make room
Soaking everything
As if a sponge
Time spent
Never wasted
I miss that
Most of all ~

©2014 jillterry | jillterry.com



Driving blind
reaching grasping
traveling back
inside my mind

That fated place
that stitch in time
the life-light glowed
all reason no rhyme

Haunted beings
shadows fleeting
listen for my whisper
your name in the night

©2014 jillterry | jillterry.com

Poem-a-day No.6

Taillights dissolve

Nineteen hundred
Eighty seven
On the road
Slaying ghosts


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