She took a drive along the river; windows open, breeze blowing her hair; down that long winding road she once loved so well. Riverfront mansions guarded, by imposing iron gates, with large white pillar columns reminiscent of long ago days. Giant old oaks trimmed with grey-green moss, seduce her imagination as if fragments of ghostsContinue reading “SIGN OF THE TIME”

Beautiful Illusion

Visions conjured taken straight from her dreams That she should come to know and cherish Enchanted by the beauty of that magical world In which she found herself longing to dwell Accepting the offerings though strictly forbidden Blinded by the brilliance emanating from within Helpless to turn back no matter the consequence This newfound reasonContinue reading “Beautiful Illusion”


Traveling by flight Alone in a dream High above the clouds Far from the sea To a field she came to land As the breath of a breeze Mist-shrouded forest surrounds Obscuring the castle keep Sensing his energy Vibrating at low frequency Underestimating his needs Born of pure wondering Searching for truth The whole ofContinue reading “Manifesting”

Idle hours

Night falls And the door of Loneliness Opens once more Wandering thoughts Leading deeper Endless hours Pass by idle Tears born of Frustration Wanting so much To believe While truths falsities Ebb and flow Raging as the sea To shed tears of happiness Heart swollen with joy From the gift of truth Another should bestowContinue reading “Idle hours”