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Imbolc ☽❃☾



Moonshadows light the way ~




Driving blind
reaching grasping
traveling back
inside my mind

That fated place
that stitch in time
the life-light glowed
all reason no rhyme

Haunted beings
shadows fleeting
listen for my whisper
your name in the night

©2014 jillterry | jillterry.com



I see you suffering and wish there was something I could do for you
I witness your pain and my own heart aches
I see you spiraling faster each day
Downward motion to nowhere land
I wonder who’ll be waiting when you reach the end
Unsure what led you to this path
You no longer walk but run these days
The shift came sudden and without any warning
Your sanity slipped and crazed madness set in
You pushed aside all that was real
Lost sight of your self completely
Chasing that ever illusive sensation
Known simply as euphoria
You haven’t a positive word to say
Allowing negativity to swallow you whole
I say these things because I know this place
Having visited and lingered a time or two
Your beauty and intelligence still shines in your eyes
Though clouded by your tears
With love and understanding I offer this prayer to the Universe
That someday soon you’ll find your way home


Gentle persuasion ~


©2014 jillterry | jillterry.com

In truth


He could no longer see the goodness, feel the warmth from the light that emanated from within her; no longer cared or believed her claims of love. For the vile hurtful words of truth penetrated deep, daggers slung with precision, straight to the heart. But instead of pulling them out and assessing the damage his truth perpetuated, in an attempt to heal his own wounds and those he inflicted on others, he preferred to leave them there to fester, become diseased, possibly be the death of him; so he could once again coast on pity, feigning the victim, while easing his conscience in convincing himself that she was just like all the rest. When in truth, there had never been another like her, nor would there ever be again.

©2013 jillterry | jillterry.com

Visual poetry

He sprinkled light upon her heart,
like dappled sun through reaching leaves –


©2013 jillterry │jillterry.com



He rose from the depths of her unconscious mind, like smoke drifting from the unknown, wrapping himself around and penetrating her soul. “I feel you…I feel you”, she whispered inside; as dawns early light crept in, illuminating her senses, and softly he faded as morning’s mist, just as she reached to bring him to her.




Her words resonated
Like raindrops falling
Echoing in the stillness
Of his silence

Touching him deep
Lighting his spirit
Finding great comfort
He opened the door

Damn the consequences
Or possible reward
He had no expectation
Just drawn to her uniqueness

He kept it low key
Offering friendship and kindness
When what he wanted
Was to embrace and keep her

Feel her tears
Run down his neck
As selflessly he absorbed
Past demons and pain

Wrapping her in him
Holding her tight
In the lucid silence
Of the empty night

©2013 jillterry

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