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They wear their
A label on
Their shirt

Quite literally

Unable to cultivate
A true sense of self
Individual identity
Confusing duality

Forced to choose
A label
To tell them
Who they are

Exalting to
The world
This is who
I am

When the world
Should care less
Refusing to judge
Or accept

Based solely upon
Your sexual preference

It’s the Being
That you are
The Being
God made you

That should matter
To you
And others
If they choose

Without being forced
Without reading your label




She asks questions
Too many
For my zone
Of comfort

Personal in nature
A stalkers arsenal
As if to glimpse
Inside my world

Ridiculous assumptions
Personal judgments
Strange fascination
Prying curiosity

Gathering information
Painting a picture
By what she sees
Thinks she knows

What is the purpose
This strange fascination
Just take my order
Give me my espresso

© jillterry

Boulevard of the Bizarre

It’s like an alternate universe
One that makes my skin crawl
Though I know it shouldn’t
Still I can’t help my self

Littered with the the dregs of society
And side show carnival freaks
Where the Twilight Zone meets the Dark Side
It’s the Boulevard of the Bizarre

Don’t know where they come from
Where they’re going
Where they’ve been
Diseased crack whores on every corner
Physically deformed driving wheelchairs like cars

Mentally disabled talking to street signs
Blind men hanging onto bus stop posts
Doctors behind the wheels of Mercedes’
Staring blindly straight ahead

Maneuvering to my destination
Trying desperately not to cringe
I know I shouldn’t feel this way
But somehow I can’t help my self

What if one of them were Jesus
Or all in the image of Him
Is this really someone I want to meet
Are these thoughts considered sin


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