They wear their Sexuality A label on Their shirt Quite literally Unfortunately Unable to cultivate A true sense of self Individual identity Confusing duality Forced to choose A label To tell them Who they are Exalting to The world This is who I am When the world Should care less Refusing to judge Or acceptContinue reading “JUST BE”


She asks questions Too many For my zone Of comfort Personal in nature A stalkers arsenal As if to glimpse Inside my world Ridiculous assumptions Personal judgments Strange fascination Prying curiosity Gathering information Painting a picture By what she sees Thinks she knows What is the purpose This strange fascination Just take my order GiveContinue reading “Stalker-Ella”

Boulevard of the Bizarre

It’s like an alternate universe One that makes my skin crawl Though I know it shouldn’t Still I can’t help my self Littered with the the dregs of society And side show carnival freaks Where the Twilight Zone meets the Dark Side It’s the Boulevard of the Bizarre Don’t know where they come from WhereContinue reading “Boulevard of the Bizarre”