From the Ether

Inspiring regularly Teaching effortlessly Whether known or not Deepening my sense Of awareness From turbulent grey To brilliant blue Connecting and shifting My insight and mood Needing nothing Wanting even less Resonating in every form A constant underlying hum Understanding rebirth Our code of existence Death a mere part Of the universal process Cathartic epiphaniesContinue reading “From the Ether”

Glancing back

I thought for a moment, and then told myself no; it couldn’t possibly be. Then the Barista called out your name and you stepped up to get your coffee and when the light over the bar illuminated your profile; granted is now covered with an intricate and deliberate layer of just the right length stubble,Continue reading “Glancing back”

At the Vernal

I come in celebration Of the dawning of Spring As the time of New growth Is upon us May the immobility Of winter’s Chilling grasp Release us From its bonds As our spirits And hearts Find renewed Inspiration In the warmth Of the light half Of this year © jillterry