She was a beautiful wreck That he refused to let go of Her insanity her sweetness Her idiocy her brilliance Inconclusive in the running Head to head Neck and neck Never knowing One moment to the next Who she would be When that trigger was flipped Vile and venomous Hateful and loathing Sweet and caringContinue reading “ENIGMA”


She stood in the kitchen Near the recently cleaned table Looking down At the pretty blue plate Burnt monkey bread Three individual pieces Neatly arranged One for each The effort at least She thought to make But ruined it Thinking to herself What was the point When he walked past Nonchalantly said Don’t lament aboutContinue reading “LAMENT”


It’s the games created The ones she plays Her self the sole competitor Of sheer necessity For the sake of her sanity A form of self preservation Some would think crazy Others might pity A few might find pure genius Tweaking thought process To fool the body Into believing an absolute falsity Electroshock therapy ThroughContinue reading “METHOD TO MADNESS”

Internal hard drive

Something about that Penetrating gaze Of his As if He’s looking Right through Studying the Surface Reading the Expression While searching The cause Within Snickering at The display Emotions painted On face Knowing What lingers Inside Certain of Himself Too much so Some times Just smile And nod Let it go He strolls In andContinue reading “Internal hard drive”

Insanity’s Final Adieu

His was a miserable life; wandering the globe pretending to be lost, feigning insanity due to all sorts of abuse; self-inflicted, youthful demons victim, to any and all who showed the slightest inclination of interest. In truth, he knew exactly where he was going, what the cost would be to get there; needing only toContinue reading “Insanity’s Final Adieu”


She waits Wonders Pines For love lost Just as we All did The same Love The same Lies Differing his pain His troubled past To fit each Woman And circumstance Depending On what he Needed Or knew he could Take from them I offered up the Group of support Gathered in the Wings Patiently waitingContinue reading “Ovation”