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Dismal hiss of intrusiveness

With the dawn of a new day
A torrent of realization follows
Illusions of grandeur
Dwindled to simplistic truths

Lofty dreams and fairytale fantasies
Borne for the minds of children
Have no dwelling place
In the hearts of damaged adults

The vicious cycle
Of damnation and destruction
Continues to spiral
A never ending circle

When the halls of the soul
Are entered and explored
Barred doors ripped open
The beasts within freed
To once more roam

Wrapping round the soul
Penetrating the mind
Hardening the heart
Of their very own captor

After a lifetime of suppression
Not for the sake of denial
But a well learned method
The only means of survival

A glimmer of hope
A bright shining light
Truth sought through the ages
Plunged into eternal darkness

Left on the battlefield
To face these demons once more
Nothing gained everything lost
A living hell she never asked for

A promise broken
Unable to face her unknown
Protector and confidant
Fled for the sake of sanity

Forced once more
Into the pit of her own hell
Her defenses weakened
To fight this battle alone

©2012 jillie



The time is at hand
The necessity of change
Meditating on the emptiness
Reflecting to gain strength

Shifting perspective
From a sense of sheer urgency
A higher price on personal value
With a built-in guarantee

Cultivating self-worth
By looking within
That makes comparing
Entirely unnecessary

Casting a solitary circle
Taking stock of individuality
Positive inner qualities
Unique and hidden talents

Focusing on the goodness
The blessings that abound
Moving away from the darkness
Letting go of what is lacked

Learning to be worthy
Of blessings and esteem
Healing from within
Reclaiming a soul of beauty

Acknowledging that missteps
Are simply part of the process
Self worth is independent
Of how one is measured

Finding and making peace
In both emptiness and fullness
Somewhere between reality
And all that’s ever been dreamed

©2011 Jill Terry


She lives in darkness
Hiding in corners
Afraid of the light
Afraid someone will see

Buried in the deepest
Most secret recesses
In the empty shadows
Of my wounded soul

The girl I once was
Denied even now
Longing to be embraced
By the woman I’ve become

In a moment of memory
Taken from his dream
Two souls united
Running innocent and free

He reached in and touched her
Shined his light upon her
Briefly brought her
Back to life

For the first time
In forever
Made her happy
To be alive

©2010 Jill Terry

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