Dream Job

He took me on a tour then led me to what would be my office, should I choose to accept the position. It was on the fourth floor of an old Victorian mansion, with a view all the way to the city below; the Queen City, and there I stood, a jewel in her crown.Continue reading “Dream Job”


Dream within a Dream ~

Dream of me he said Knowing not the endless hours She relived every moment They ever spent together Dream of me he said Never knowing the pain Of losing twice The only loves She’d ever known The first to death Him to another Dream of me he said As he closed the door She collapsedContinue reading “Dream within a Dream ~”


He rose from the depths of her unconscious mind, like smoke drifting from the unknown, wrapping himself around and penetrating her soul. “I feel you…I feel you”, she whispered inside; as dawns early light crept in, illuminating her senses, and softly he faded as morning’s mist, just as she reached to bring him to her.Continue reading “Illumination”

Running in Shadows

To the mountaintop he must fly Already halfway there For the beast awaits his arrival Calling him out loud and hard He stands intimidating Proud and gloating A show of power This soulless prowler Luring him deeper Under its spell Trying to wrap round Get that final hold But this night is different The tablesContinue reading “Running in Shadows”

Between Sheets and Dreams

Soft curves illuminated in the moonlight as the sheet is removed ever-so-slowly so as not to wake her Fingertips lightly brushing flesh body begins to squirm sporadically delicate moans escape on her breath Languidly tracing the inside of her thigh legs instinctively part slightly in blissful sleep she chews her own finger Shuddering at theContinue reading “Between Sheets and Dreams”


It was Christmas Eve morning and all within the castle still peacefully slumbered; but for that one soul; wandering, but no longer lost, or alone. She stood by the French doors, wrapped in her robe of paisley silk, unconsciously rubbing her finger along the strand of garnet beads that adorned her neck forevermore; her gazeContinue reading “WHITE CHRISTMAS DREAMS”

Shadows in Glass

He fought cancer all alone and won the battle, at the tender age of twenty-one. He never knew who his real father was, and refused to bond with the string of husbands he watched his mother marry and divorce. He did a five year stint in Leavenworth Penitentiary, for a crime that he swears heContinue reading “Shadows in Glass”