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Imbolc ☽❃☾




Igniting the spark of life
The Goddess of fire and forge
Purifying the spirit
Marking the end of barrenness
The baggage burned away
Celebrating the return to light
On this most festive night
Imbolc blessings to all ~

©2014 jillterry | http://jillterry.com


New beginning – Fresh start – Seeing clearly – Focused – Determined – Planting seeds – Thoughts – Plans – Ideas – Enjoying nature – Feeling the universe – Kissing the sun – Unwrapping myself – Shedding the shroud – Chasing rainbows – Blowing away the clouds – Seeing stars

Feeling me…

There you are
Nice to see you again
Next time don’t be gone so long

Or better still…

Don’t let yourself go
Slipping away
Taken or chosen

Just hang on…

Chill for a while
It’s all gonna be alright

See that light…

No longer glowing at only the end
But lighting the entire path
Better for you to see by

Savor every footfall…

Take your time
Set your own pace
Find a fitting stride

With a clear mind
Heart wide open
Fear no more

You silly girl…

I’ll hold your hand
As we unlock and open
Every last door

Just enjoy the day…

Sunshine on your face
Warm finger breezes
Playing in your hair

Enjoy the moment…

Having no cares
Cleanse your spirit
Clear out the cobwebs

A new beginning…

A powerful season
Just the first of many
Yet to come in your life

©2012 Jill Terry 

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