Hidden truths

The pain we carry Whether real or Mental phantoms Keep us trapped No matter what hope We think we’ve found Or how deep a mark We believe we’ve made The illusion fades Because it’s a mere Surface reflection Of who we really are In fear we retreat Back inside ourselves Not wanting to reveal OrContinue reading “Hidden truths”

The Silent Killer

Fear is a silent killer that comes in many forms, recognizable at times, well disguised at others; it slowly chips away at us. Breaking off pieces, sometimes chunks at a time, from the inside out until there is nothing left. She tried again and again to express her heartfelt apologies and sorrow for the thingsContinue reading “The Silent Killer”

Dismal hiss of intrusiveness

With the dawn of a new day A torrent of realization follows Illusions of grandeur Dwindled to simplistic truths Lofty dreams and fairytale fantasies Borne for the minds of children Have no dwelling place In the hearts of damaged adults The vicious cycle Of damnation and destruction Continues to spiral A never ending circle WhenContinue reading “Dismal hiss of intrusiveness”


It never ceases to amaze me To what lengths people will go To appease their own ego To maintain the façade Making themselves And their lives Appear more gradiouse Than they actually are How many would rather Live a life built on lies Rather than face And admit their own truth Its only when weContinue reading “TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCE”