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Summer’s End

It was quiet and dark, but for the faint glow of light casting through the open door from the other room. I turned my head and looked toward the windows, saw clearly out into the woods, as if the moon were full, instead of crescent; and I silently wondered as I gazed through familiar branches, what light illuminated through the midnight trees.

Banshee lay with her head nestled between my breasts, her lithe body cascading my ribs, legs and tail coming to curl at my belly, squeaked out a meow in her sleep. I looked down at her, just as she did a quick curl with her head coming to rest under my chin. I cast my gaze back toward the windows and saw that the curtains were all closed. I felt my insides give a little jolt. It was then she started to purr.

More tricks than treats it seems, as the veil thins and we approach All Hallows’ Eve ~

©jillterry | jillterry.com


Marked for Life


It was the sort of happening
That marks your life


Leaving the world
And all you thought you knew
Completely unrecognizable

Nothing can ever be the same
No amount of therapeutic soul healing
Will ever put you back the way you were

And you realize

With that single happening
Your life has suddenly been defined
Divided into two separate parts


©2013 jillie

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