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I looked in the mirror today and saw a familiar old face – eyes too big, wide and weary, having seen too much tragedy for one single lifetime; and while I don’t yet know the destination of this dark and winding road, I know for certain it’s forcing my growth.
j.terry 10.9.15


A L W A Y S 


Blessed Ostara ||☽✯☾

Feel the Cosmic sway
as the balance shifts
Astrological year begins

Equal parts darkness and light
la luna e il sole
in my birthsign aligned

At dusk I go in preparation
for dawnings celebration 
To bask in the promise 
of the light half of this year 

©2015 | jillterry.com


Subtle Slips


I feel him pulling
Moving away
Gently he slips
In directions
Opposite me

Testing his wings
Determined and courageous
The look in his eyes
Reveals fear of
Full flight

No longer
My little boy
Always my baby

No matter how
Far from me
The universe
Takes him

Of typical concern
My own human flaws
Hoping my guidance
Has properly prepared him

© jillterry

In this silence


Too many used to be’s
Faded away with

Not enough now’s
To sustain us
Into tomorrow

© jillterry

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