Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly… ~Unknown The day dawned Bright and new Sunlight streaming Warm breeze wafting Pulling me from sleep A magickal slumber Awakening at last To a brand new world Strange and foreign Yet somehow seemingly familiar Where my first thoughts Were not of anotherContinue reading “HOPE DOESN’T FLOAT…IT SOARS”


Attempting flight Breaking free of gravity That holds me down In my thinking In my feeling In my being Wanting desperately To rise above These emotional obstacles Release the floodgates Feel the strength Once more of my Passions Unleash my spirit From these constant Restraints Stretch my wings In a state of grace And remindContinue reading “FLYING HOME”

Bottom Rung

He could have taken her to the Grande Palace Resort, but chose a seedy hotel on the waterfront, within walking distance of the Pier; for it lent an air of noir to the affair, that mixed well with her fatalistic attitude of their coupling. Though he hated when she spoke in “after the fact” tense,Continue reading “Bottom Rung”