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toujours les tulipes

always the tulips
that ushered forth
the shadow of a memory
in a half forgotten dream

©2015 jillterry | jillterry.com


Behind closed doors ~


She sat in the corner of that darkened room long after he’d gone; wine flowed and the candle flickered, shadows matching their rhythm danced wildly across the walls. If she breathed deeply his scent filled her senses, closed her eyes and felt his hungry touch; words poured forth, steady as tears that fell, she conjured all night and still he did not come.

That’s when she knew, love was done.

©2014 jillterry | jillterry.com





Another day dawning
Another cathartic meltdown
Alone in an empty bed
Staring out the window at nothing

Feeling the weight
Absence of presence
Heavy on her being

And still it changes nothing
As nothing said or done
Ever has

But to turn love
To a toxic
Poisonous mess

Of her own accord
Of her own madness
Of her own fault

Even the brightest light
Diffused in her darkness

A star that crossed her sky
He loved her for a time
Then simply grew fond
Until one day he was
Simply gone

He reminded her of all
That she wanted to become
While she became nothing
But another scar
On his heart

They say when you die
Everyone wants to be your

©2012 jillie


From Yggdrasil fallen
to the cold hard ground
my heart rotting
to blow away
in the wind

©2013 jillie

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