Death Changes Us – 

I lost my first love to death at nineteen, chased his ghost for a decade; trying to find him, trying to find who I was without him, until I met the mate of my soul; found love with him so true and unconditional that I was totally free just to be and discover me. NowContinue reading “Death Changes Us – “


Solitary confinement

The time is at hand The necessity of change Meditating on the emptiness Reflecting to gain strength Shifting perspective From a sense of sheer urgency A higher price on personal value With a built-in guarantee Cultivating self-worth By looking within The need of comparison Entirely unnecessary Casting a solitary circle Taking stock of individuality PositiveContinue reading “Solitary confinement”

Guiding Light

The eternal light of LOVE Borderless – all powerful – Infinite Highlighting the subtle insignificance Of so many aspects upon which we place importance The scale by which all else should be measured The one clear path to truth – understanding – happiness The guiding spirit I choose to follow Throughout the remainder of thisContinue reading “Guiding Light”

Playground Love

I saw it today For the first time In forever That place I once played Free to be me My heart raced With undeniable yearning To be back inside The need overwhelming I sat and looked on Tall rusted ferris wheel While memories spun round Ghosts reappeared I walked alone Toward the area of abandonmentContinue reading “Playground Love”


Light and shadows Drifting, shifting Slow motion memories Haunting consciousness Flooding the senses Unwanted questions Internal battle among Heart and mind Eyes closed To all that was seen The depth and breadth All space in between No relief comes Envelops completely Every word shared Each moment spent Somewhere in the midst Of light and shadowContinue reading “Never-ending”

Marked for Life

It was the sort of happening That marks your life Shifts Twists Skews Destroys Leaving the world And all you thought you knew Completely unrecognizable Nothing can ever be the same No amount of therapeutic soul healing Will ever put you back the way you were And you realize With that single happening Your lifeContinue reading “Marked for Life”