Somewhere in the Night

Light fades with flickering flames Balmy breeze wafts through the trees Pleasant shivers blanket the flesh Akin to receiving a lover’s kiss The heady scent of gardens perfume Wraps round making her swoon Leaves a warmth inside her heart As Cheshire Moon smiles upon this night And with the rise of the morning sun ThatContinue reading “Somewhere in the Night”


There comes a certain “feel,” no matter where you happen to be, whenever his thoughts turn in your direction. It starts at the basic level of the flesh; like the cool breeze on a crisp autumn night; tantalizing and chilling all at once. Your blood pressure rises, heart rate increases, as he sends invisible wavesContinue reading “Depiction”

Boulevard of the Bizarre

It’s like an alternate universe One that makes my skin crawl Though I know it shouldn’t Still I can’t help my self Littered with the the dregs of society And side show carnival freaks Where the Twilight Zone meets the Dark Side It’s the Boulevard of the Bizarre Don’t know where they come from WhereContinue reading “Boulevard of the Bizarre”