Running in Shadows

To the mountaintop he must fly Already halfway there For the beast awaits his arrival Calling him out loud and hard He stands intimidating Proud and gloating A show of power This soulless prowler Luring him deeper Under its spell Trying to wrap round Get that final hold But this night is different The tablesContinue reading “Running in Shadows”

In this silence I believe…

First cut Solar Plexus Vertical toward Crown Counterclockwise he travels Adding three more Meticulously concentrated With precision skill Graceful fluidity Masking exerted energies Intently confident A master at his craft Superior abilities balanced with Sheer will and determination This perfect stranger Fate forced upon my path Whose concern I feel Compassion openly shown Determined toContinue reading “In this silence I believe…”

Don’t count me out ~

Sleep comes less easily As time approaches Worries set in Fear becomes Something entirely Different So many things I would take back I would change Already happened Already too late As I come to the end Of this neverending chapter I know how I want it to end But my wants no longer Seem toContinue reading “Don’t count me out ~”

At the end of the day . . .

Sound of the waves Caress of the sea breeze Warmth of the sun Welcoming Nurturing Necessary Knowing what awaits me What too soon is to come Taking a day alone Just me my self and I Contenplating the universe Sorting my internal mess Watching my certainty Ebb and flow with the tide Silent prayers risingContinue reading “At the end of the day . . .”


Silver and ebony She is autumn’s child At the height of her being Living on fate Moments of melancholy Memories fade Hope slowly wanes Bringing fits of rage Seeing and hearing Things forced on her person Swallowing them whole Then choking and purging Fighting her way To another worlds end Where no one has toContinue reading “AT WORLDS END”

Reason for Existence

He knew Without question Simply no way to explain Heartaches torn from words Words torn from heartaches Cold freezing touches From the wicked wicked ghosts Ghosts of Life Past Blinding love Illuminating pain and fear Pain and fear blinding love Illuminating distance and space Clutching at familiarity and fleeting comfort Trepidation ruling emotion Fear ofContinue reading “Reason for Existence”


She sat in the corner, listening to the deafening sound of silence, the room cold and dark, but for the faint amber glow of the accent lamp that illuminated the edge of her desk. She looked at the untouched plate of food and her stomach recoiled at the sight. She needed to get rid ofContinue reading “LEFT BEHIND”


It was, perhaps, the first time she ever actually sat in his presence for any length of time, without him being surrounded by his entourage; able at last, to cast her full attention upon him, and him alone. He was different than the rest, this she had always sensed, but sitting and listening to him,Continue reading “FINAL DESTINATION”