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I see you suffering and wish there was something I could do for you
I witness your pain and my own heart aches
I see you spiraling faster each day
Downward motion to nowhere land
I wonder who’ll be waiting when you reach the end
Unsure what led you to this path
You no longer walk but run these days
The shift came sudden and without any warning
Your sanity slipped and crazed madness set in
You pushed aside all that was real
Lost sight of your self completely
Chasing that ever illusive sensation
Known simply as euphoria
You haven’t a positive word to say
Allowing negativity to swallow you whole
I say these things because I know this place
Having visited and lingered a time or two
Your beauty and intelligence still shines in your eyes
Though clouded by your tears
With love and understanding I offer this prayer to the Universe
That someday soon you’ll find your way home


Just a reminder . . .


©2013 jillterry │jillterry.com

Running in Shadows

To the mountaintop he must fly
Already halfway there
For the beast awaits his arrival
Calling him out loud and hard

He stands intimidating
Proud and gloating
A show of power
This soulless prowler

Luring him deeper
Under its spell
Trying to wrap round
Get that final hold

But this night is different
The tables being turned
For he wears her love
Like a shield of armor

And this night
He does not
Fly alone

©2012 jillie


Detached I had become
From all that surrounds me
Seeing things from a skewed and twisted perception
Seeing – but not through my own eyes

Focusing on nonsensical aspects
Letting the truth slip away
Allowing myself to free fall
Because of it

Then the long dark cloud blew in
Forever looming – blocking out the light
All light – leaving an abyss of blackest pitch
Bent on destruction and slow painful consumption

Finding myself once more at the threshold
Not heaven’s pearly gates
Nor hell’s flaming lakes
Simply death – nothing more

Not once but thrice
Back into the corporeal world
Desperately I was pulled

By the very light I allowed to be diffused
Due to lack of faith, fear and doubt
The blinding light that never fades
Never goes out – transcends all


The eternal light of LOVE
Borderless – all powerful – Infinite
Highlighting the subtle insignificance
Of so many aspects upon which we place importance

The scale by which all else should be measured
The one clear path to truth – understanding – happiness
The only guide I will ever again follow

Throughout the remainder of this life
Into my death – onto the next

~ jill

©2012 jillterry.com


Five lives momentarily touched
Five lives briefly brought together
From four corners of the world
By a single caring heart
A lone extraordinary soul

Within minutes of posting, I had two responses. One dismissed it as mindless drivel, the other came to agree, after his own memories were sparked and giving the words a little more thought. And one came from across the seas, with a message that I can safely say, gave us all renewed hope.

Hope that the generations we now are raising, can move forward with determination, follow their hearts, be true to their souls, become leaders and teachers with the power to change the world.

That’s the hope I see each and every day, in the eyes of my child, that all is not lost…

This is the post of which I refer –

So, my 14 year old whose been teaching himself Japanese and been fascinated with the culture for as long as I can remember, has just informed me that he is so disgusted and appalled by the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that he has no intention of remaining in America any longer than absolutely necessary; because he feels indebted to Japan for the unconscionable acts of the American Military, and will be moving there, living among them and doing whatever he personally can to make amends for what this country did, 67 years before he was born.

I have no words…

©2012 jillterry.com

These are the responses that I received –

-Who’s teaching the history in his school? 😦

-War is Hell. Created by man against man. Know your history.

-I agree Jill. I did not have time to think fully about what you posted until my ride to work brought back memories of what my Father said to me about the war while he watched me imitating it as a child playing and fighting with others. He reminded me of all the innocent people who were sacrificied by their goverments. He would not go into the gory details of what he saw because I was too young to share that with. But he gave me empathy for what had happened. I too like your son began to be angered by what had happened when those bombs where dropped and by what had happened in Europe as well. I wanted to apologize. I researched Japean’s culture. As I got older I began to understand the bigger picture that war is fought between goverments. People like ourselves are the victims. You are very fortunate to have a Son that has this empathy.
I respect him for it. Your picture is a reminder of where hate leads us.
This merely my opinion and I’m sure there is more to learn from this.

-Hello everyone I am Japanese. Japanese is not a grudge against the Americans. We think war is bad. There is a video of gratitude to the American people to my post. Please see it. Thank you a lot! We can speak freely in this way. However, China and Hong Kong, Internet censorship has become stricter every day. To everyone. Americans travelers to Japan, during them stay, are said from the unknown Japanese people, that “Thank you for the support” =D. oh sorry I can’t speak English well. This is a video of thanks from us to you guys

This is the video so kindly shared


Happy Holidays

Faith makes all things possible
Hope makes all things work
Love makes all things beautiful
May you have all the three
This Holiday season!



Gifted wings
Wrapped up tight
Hidden away
Out of sight

Little bird
Broken and lonely
Chained by misery
Burden so heavy

Take those wings
Learn their power
Why they were given
How to use them

Look to the sky
Spread them wide
Take a deep breath
Have faith in your flight

©2011 Jill Terry


There is a path
Challenging and complex
That if we allow ourselves to follow
Will lead us to our dreams

Insecurity and confusion
Questions of capability
Searching for purpose
Create our hesitation

Though eager we may be
To discover what destiny awaits us
We stand at the crossroads
Instead of moving forward joyously

The universe holds our plans
Eclipsing our greatest dreams
Aware of our quests
And best formulated plans

Ever watching over us
All we must do is believe
The universe will provide
Guiding our journey of ambition

Ready to care
Always for our needs
But this attention so loving
Is not mere chance or circumstance

Nothing happens without purpose
Everything happens for a reason
Yet ego is the destroyer
Possessing its own perception

Preventing profound lessons
Labeled mistakes creating conflict
Hindering growth and progress
Of our personal evolution

At the first sign of faith
The universe will propel us
Forward toward our goals
In its unstoppable current

We only need believe
We only need trust
We only need faith
And Thy Will
Shall be done

© 2011 Jill Terry


She sat in the corner, listening to the deafening sound of silence, the room cold and dark, but for the faint amber glow of the accent lamp that illuminated the edge of her desk. She looked at the untouched plate of food and her stomach recoiled at the sight. She needed to get rid of it, the smell that she hadn’t noticed until it visually invaded her space, suddenly making her nauseous; but she was too numb to even think, much less get up and take it to the kitchen. She managed enough motion to touch the edge of the plate with her fingertip, and slowly push it away, until it tipped then disappeared over the side of the desk into the waiting wastebasket below.

She didn’t understand how she could feel so much pain, when it was emptiness that filled her now; how it could be that she found herself living for a dream that at moments such as this seemed absolutely hopeless; on her knees, futilely begging him to see, that he’s everything she ever wanted and all that she needs. Wondering if it was as easy as it seemed, for him to walk away and leave her there; lost and alone, spiraling out of control in a grief-stricken meltdown of epic proportion; her fragile strength slipping away completely when he told her, quite simply, No.

There was no stopping the flow of tears or gut-wrenching sobs, as images flashed from an internal reel, and the one she kept coming to over and over, was the sweet sadness that filled his eyes; sadness that revealed the depth of his own anguish and pain, over what had transpired and become their situation.

She saw herself reach out and gently touch his face, telling him she loved him, kissing his sweet lips, feeling for the first time that she alone, was enough; and she wished in that moment she could have left this plane of agonizing existence, wrapped in the warmth of his sheltering embrace, having closed her eyes and simply drowned in his love.

©2011 Jill Terry

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