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Trying to channel
In pursuit of change
Anger the dominant hue
Of my emotional palette

Smoldering relentlessly
Causing great turmoil
Morphing to resentment
The shifting of blame

Peace and solace gone
Beyond my realm of control
Growing more wicked
Inside my mind
With the passing of each
Pain-filled moment

Knowing I’ll rue the day
I allowed conflicting emotion
To take root in my heart
Which serves me in no way

Confronting the original source
Mentally and emotionally
Coping with broken feelings
Defining Years of reason

No compassion
No devotion
No unconditional

Just a single question
In a moment of passing
How was your day
Too little too late

Back to myself now
Attention shifts
Dispelling negative energy
Thoughts and hurt feelings

Releasing all resentment
Filling the leftover spaces
Taking responsibility
Devoting attention

To my own faded light
My own personal growth
Acceptance of my self
And the awaiting path to freedom

©2012 Jill Terry



There comes a certain “feel,” no matter where you happen to be, whenever his thoughts turn in your direction.

It starts at the basic level of the flesh; like the cool breeze on a crisp autumn night; tantalizing and chilling all at once.

Your blood pressure rises, heart rate increases, as he sends invisible waves of desire, cascading in your direction.

At the sound of his voice, a chemical reaction triggers, and suddenly you are seized; with a mix of exhilaration and excitement like none other you have ever known.

A connection is what he seeks; the ability to reach out and snatch you from reality; pulling you into his realm of illusion; with nothing more than his thoughts and voice.

Once he connects, the feeding begins; everything you want to hear, anyone you want him to be; larger than life, too good to be true; having searched for eternity and now loving only you.

Before you can blink, you are on a downward spiral; surrendered completely while careening out of control.

He drains you empty, while filling you up; taking every scrap offered, pillaging the rest while you dream.

Making his exit as quickly as he comes; a puddle of nothing, you remain on the floor. Left alone, to sift through the pain; cloaked in his filthy blanket of noir.

© jillterry


He uses them for everything
They often don’t mean anything
He leaves them with nothing

Varying degrees of his
Needs or wants
Determine the depth
He is forced to
Or willing
To go

Gluttony being his
Favored sin
He feasts upon
Their emotional

Savoring the flavor
Of collective fear
Seasoned lightly
With his own

Desire but a word
Ecstasy a button
Easily pushed
With a pressured curve

The same spot every time
No matter the shape
The age
The size

Something he mastered
Way back when
Delighting in the power
Necessary for his

Giving them everything
Filling them up
Leaving them empty
To drown in their

© jillterry

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