Trying to channel In pursuit of change Anger the dominant hue Of my emotional palette Smoldering relentlessly Causing great turmoil Morphing to resentment The shifting of blame Peace and solace gone Beyond my realm of control Growing more wicked Inside my mind With the passing of each Pain-filled moment Knowing I’ll rue the day IContinue reading “PALETTE OF EMOTION”


There comes a certain “feel,” no matter where you happen to be, whenever his thoughts turn in your direction. It starts at the basic level of the flesh; like the cool breeze on a crisp autumn night; tantalizing and chilling all at once. Your blood pressure rises, heart rate increases, as he sends invisible wavesContinue reading “Depiction”


He uses them for everything They often don’t mean anything He leaves them with nothing Varying degrees of his Needs or wants Determine the depth He is forced to Or willing To go Gluttony being his Favored sin He feasts upon Their emotional Need Savoring the flavor Of collective fear Seasoned lightly With his ownContinue reading “Multi-purpose”