Master destroyer

I hit the create button, which pops open a bright new page, and sit staring at the blankness; eventually adjusting the screen, for my eyes are beginning to burn. The door is open adjacent to my desk and offers fresh warm air and the sounds of nature, stirring in the woods just a step away;Continue reading “Master destroyer”

Dismal hiss of intrusiveness

With the dawn of a new day A torrent of realization follows Illusions of grandeur Dwindled to simplistic truths Lofty dreams and fairytale fantasies Borne for the minds of children Have no dwelling place In the hearts of damaged adults The vicious cycle Of damnation and destruction Continues to spiral A never ending circle WhenContinue reading “Dismal hiss of intrusiveness”


When great expectations Fall short of delivery Needs and wants Remain unfulfilled Wishes and dreams Turn to imagination Tears and pain Are all too real Search for the River Without any banks For life is precious Time too short We shouldn’t waste What elements of each We currently possess Though it might not be ExactlyContinue reading “ELEMENTS”