Imitation of Life

Alas the emotional storm has subsided And once more the predator preys Assuming a false identity So as to bask in the wake Of his disease and destruction To see in an image To read within a word Anything resembling him Proof he had been there Touched Taken Given Forsaken Succumbing once more To thisContinue reading “Imitation of Life”

In this silence I believe…

First cut Solar Plexus Vertical toward Crown Counterclockwise he travels Adding three more Meticulously concentrated With precision skill Graceful fluidity Masking exerted energies Intently confident A master at his craft Superior abilities balanced with Sheer will and determination This perfect stranger Fate forced upon my path Whose concern I feel Compassion openly shown Determined toContinue reading “In this silence I believe…”

Death Trap

She doesn’t seek his memory, it just comes creeping; and when it does, that’s all there is. Its nothing to do with fear or inspiration; building a fan base that was there long before he was; or anything at all for matter of fact. For who would dream of seeking such hurt. Its simply aContinue reading “Death Trap”