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Don’t count me out ~

Sleep comes less easily
As time approaches
Worries set in

Fear becomes
Something entirely

So many things
I would take back
I would change

Already happened
Already too late

As I come to the end
Of this neverending chapter
I know how I want it to end

But my wants no longer
Seem to match my needs

And so I acquiesce…

Because it’s the only choice
Ive been given

The only thing
Left for me to do

And while I may be down
I am most certainly not out

Not in life
Nor in death

I will see my way
Across this bridge

And take what awaits
On the other side

What is rightfully mine
Always will be

And has been all along

©2012 jill


A strong desire to escape
Circumstances as they are
Turning to unrealistic fantasies

Nebulous dreams
Of things that don’t exist

Hindering me from pursuing
Formulating workable plans
Ambitions my heart nurtures

Nothing but dreams
Wishes by the heart made

Realizing my life is only mine to live
Only mine to control
Opening my eyes to immediate concerns

Worries that fill my heart
Flood my mind

Uncertainty distracting me
Interfering with my possibilities
Each time I endeavor
To alter unwanted circumstances

But I will become the change I desire
I will manifest my true aspirations
And each day will bring me closer
To the prosperity and richness

I’ve so long envisioned
Inside my mind
Felt so strongly
Inside my heart

I will dig deep
Inside myself
Find my strength
And become the change
I so desire

And no one will stop me
Or stand in my way

©2012 jill


Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly…

The day dawned
Bright and new
Sunlight streaming
Warm breeze wafting

Pulling me from sleep
A magickal slumber
Awakening at last
To a brand new world

Strange and foreign
Yet somehow seemingly familiar
Where my first thoughts
Were not of another
But simply of myself

Taking moments to realize
A transformation had happened
And things that meant
So much yesterday
I find now of absolutely
No consequence

Shift happens
So I’ve always said
Having fully believed
Now finally experiencing

Thinking of myself
Finally for a change
In a positive light
Completely unselfishly

Taking care of me now
Priority number one
And those who choose
To be part of my life
Can take me as I am
Or simply move on

I will not apologize
For my thoughts and my feelings
For my wants and my needs
For my faults and my weakness
For my human frailty

And while they are still
Very much part of me
They no longer define me
This person I am

An independent thinking
Strong-willed intelligent woman
Who will no longer settle
For less than she deserves

I fell off to sleep
Bleeding, bruised and broken
I woke filled with courage
Hope and determination

I will no longer suffer
Or be any mans fool
A new day has dawned
And I’m changing the rules

©2012 Jill Terry


She felt the warmth
Of that brilliant light
Illuminating the path
As slowly she reemerged

No longer bound
By restraining darkness
A shadow in the valley
Of that wicked wood

Soul once lost
In labyrinths pain
Filling with hope
As she made her way

A distant cloud
Looming on the horizon
Reveling in happiness
She refused to be threatened

Vengeance unleashed
Bringing down thunder
Spewing its wrath of
Unbridled angst

She stood her ground
Refusing to falter
Never to return there
She forged ahead

She did not succumb
To that forced upon darkness
But embraced the beauty
Of that dead October sky

©2010 by Jill Terry

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