Don’t count me out ~

Sleep comes less easily As time approaches Worries set in Fear becomes Something entirely Different So many things I would take back I would change Already happened Already too late As I come to the end Of this neverending chapter I know how I want it to end But my wants no longer Seem toContinue reading “Don’t count me out ~”


A strong desire to escape Circumstances as they are Turning to unrealistic fantasies Nebulous dreams Of things that don’t exist Hindering me from pursuing Formulating workable plans Ambitions my heart nurtures Nothing but dreams Wishes by the heart made Realizing my life is only mine to live Only mine to control Opening my eyes toContinue reading “BECOMING CHANGE”


Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly… ~Unknown The day dawned Bright and new Sunlight streaming Warm breeze wafting Pulling me from sleep A magickal slumber Awakening at last To a brand new world Strange and foreign Yet somehow seemingly familiar Where my first thoughts Were not of anotherContinue reading “HOPE DOESN’T FLOAT…IT SOARS”


She felt the warmth Of that brilliant light Illuminating the path As slowly she reemerged No longer bound By restraining darkness A shadow in the valley Of that wicked wood Soul once lost In labyrinths pain Filling with hope As she made her way A distant cloud Looming on the horizon Reveling in happiness SheContinue reading “Transcendent”