White gossamer wings Reflecting the north-flowing waters Rapidly flying south Grey clouds lowly hover Looking as if to blanket the trees Reflecting the heaviness She feels in her heart The sadness That floods Her soul While others plan their festivities To mark a time of giving thanks All she can do is wander lost UnderContinue reading “TIS THE SEASON”


She couldn’t be certain Though it really mattered not Which came first Each feeding the other Was the disease The cause of her disaster Or did her disaster Cause the disease Regardless . . . Disease and Disaster Go hand in hand Ruling with an iron fist Encompassing her entire world Snuffing the light IlluminatingContinue reading “DISEASE AND DISASTER”


She was a beautiful wreck That he refused to let go of Her insanity her sweetness Her idiocy her brilliance Inconclusive in the running Head to head Neck and neck Never knowing One moment to the next Who she would be When that trigger was flipped Vile and venomous Hateful and loathing Sweet and caringContinue reading “ENIGMA”


I don’t know what’s happening to me I don’t know why it’s happening I don’t know this person I see my self becoming Who is this Stranger I feel lurking inside me The one that rises up From some secret blackened pit Ripping through the veil Snatching me by the soul Bounds and gags meContinue reading “FORCED ENTRY”


She stood in the kitchen Near the recently cleaned table Looking down At the pretty blue plate Burnt monkey bread Three individual pieces Neatly arranged One for each The effort at least She thought to make But ruined it Thinking to herself What was the point When he walked past Nonchalantly said Don’t lament aboutContinue reading “LAMENT”


Denied the colors Of life’s continual circle Trapped in a world Of monotone grey Diminishing life’s quality Powerless to the rage Prisoner of pain No resolution No peace Senses once shrouded By the fog of numbness Deadened emotions Now acutely sharpened Heightened awareness Of those deeper needs Unfulfilled On too many levels Needing an anchorContinue reading “STAR LIGHT STAR BRIGHT”