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In loving memory



Memorial Ride 

In honor of Byron Terry

4/24/52 – 8/31/15


Something solid to hold onto – 


Descent into mourning 


Seeking solace in the cupola – 


Love lost 

Byron Terry April 24, 1952 – August 31, 2015

I’ve known death and darkness, but the pain and devastation of losing my husband is like nothing I could ever have imagined. I wish it on no one. Travel well, my beautiful man, and know that when we meet again, I’m going to kick your ass hard and then hold you to your promise of living to 104; and taking those 41 years you owe me.


Travel well. 

Travel well. 

Omar Sharif, whose surname means “noble” in Arabic, was born on 10 April 1932, as Michel Demitri Chalhoub in Alexandria, Egypt to a Melkite Greek Catholic family of Syrian-Lebanese descent. His father, Joseph Chalhoub, was a wealthy merchant of exotic woods who, in the early 20th century, settled in Egypt, where Omar was born and raised. His mother was a noted society hostess with Egypt’s King Farouk a regular visitor, before he was deposed in 1952.
In his youth, Sharif studied at Victoria College, Alexandria where he showed a talent for languages; he graduated from the Cairo University with a degree in mathematics and physics. He then worked for a while in his father’s precious wood business before studying acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. In 1955, Sharif converted to Islam in order to marry Egyptian actress Faten Hamama.





Death reared it’s head, leaving a hole where a loved-one once dwelled; yet I know that this death is not the end, you’re not rising above nor descending below, but still living beside us, in a shift of worlds.

Travel well, dear Pop, until we meet again ~

Travis H. Terry
April 21, 1929 – December 10, 2014


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