Living Death 

The minutes just keep passing White on my wrist red on the clock  Menacing with a secondhand  That hangs on the wall While the reel of visions Unravel in my mind  The harder I try to stop The faster they come Searching and found  Unmoving on the ground  Lifeless and stiff  Gun by his hand Continue reading “Living Death “

Behind closed doors ~

She sat in the corner of that darkened room long after he’d gone; wine flowed and the candle flickered, shadows matching their rhythm danced wildly across the walls. If she breathed deeply his scent filled her senses, closed her eyes and felt his hungry touch; words poured forth, steady as tears that fell, she conjuredContinue reading “Behind closed doors ~”


She couldn’t be certain Though it really mattered not Which came first Each feeding the other Was the disease The cause of her disaster Or did her disaster Cause the disease Regardless . . . Disease and Disaster Go hand in hand Ruling with an iron fist Encompassing her entire world Snuffing the light IlluminatingContinue reading “DISEASE AND DISASTER”