I woke this morning with the sun shining at my window, an empty spot now forever by my side; and I realized with heavy heart that soon I will never wake to this view again, never dream and slumber in the room for decades we shared; sometimes full, at others empty, but mostly overflowing withContinue reading “Realization “

Autumn Griffin ~

I am autumn’s child I do not like it much Leveling off Maturing Feeling like summer Longing for spring Surrounded by people All telling me Different things Taking everything They can from me Places to go Things to see Opportunities knocking Too many missed Feeling suffocated Never so alone Like the raindrop On my windshieldContinue reading “Autumn Griffin ~”

Glancing back

I thought for a moment, and then told myself no; it couldn’t possibly be. Then the Barista called out your name and you stepped up to get your coffee and when the light over the bar illuminated your profile; granted is now covered with an intricate and deliberate layer of just the right length stubble,Continue reading “Glancing back”

Subtle Slips

  I feel him pulling Moving away Gently he slips In directions Opposite me Testing his wings Determined and courageous The look in his eyes Reveals fear of Full flight No longer My little boy Always my baby No matter how Far from me The universe Takes him Of typical concern My own human flawsContinue reading “Subtle Slips”