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Out there

Cheshire moon smiles bright tonight,
and somewhere out there is a man,
who looks at it and thinks of her ~

©2013 jillterry | jillterry.com



Heart of Oneness

It’s that moment
When all is aligned
My hand to your lips
Your eyes meeting mine

When everything
Is so familiar
There is no question
Only the knowing

©2012 jillie

Reason for Existence

He knew
Without question
Simply no way to explain

Heartaches torn from words
Words torn from heartaches
Cold freezing touches
From the wicked wicked ghosts
Ghosts of Life Past

Blinding love
Illuminating pain and fear
Pain and fear blinding love
Illuminating distance and space
Clutching at familiarity and fleeting comfort

Trepidation ruling emotion
Fear of the unknown
Disaster plan in motion
Tragedy expected and prepared for
Never bearing fruit
But damage inflicted regardless

Simplicity all that is required
An elegance in reality

He loved her
She loved him
Should be the only ingredient
The only requirement

But nothing is ever that simple
Elegance never truly exists

He must, then, simply
Pray and hope
Petition the Gods
Sacrifice to the Fates

That he
Might be

Her raison d’être

© 2011 Jill Terry

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