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Beltane Blessings

Vintage celebration

A Blessed Day

No matter how you choose to celebrate – Ēostre, Ostara, or Easter, the symbolism is the same; the death and rebirth of life during this time of year. Make it a blessed one and may your day be filled with much love and light. ❥jill

Day of the Dead 

Dia de los Muertos ~ Honoring, remembering and celebrating those who have crossed before us. Praying in support of their spiritual journey – 

 j.a.terry 11.1.15 


4 july 15

Free to Express – Free to Explore – Free to Think – Free to Speak – Free to Believe – Free to Be F R E E D O M . . . 

It’s a good thing 



Solstice blessings ~

Celebrating the glorious and sacred dance of life ~ 


Beltane Blessings




Igniting the spark of life
The Goddess of fire and forge
Purifying the spirit
Marking the end of barrenness
The baggage burned away
Celebrating the return to light
On this most festive night
Imbolc blessings to all ~

©2014 jillterry | http://jillterry.com

Happy New Year!


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