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Beltane Blessings


Christmas Eve

It’s a large room with an understated tree and multi-colored lights surrounding the crown molding; a collection of hand-carved Santa’s that I’ve been given every year for as long as I can remember, seemingly spreading good cheer everywhere you look. The presents have all been opened and there’s a few stray pieces of wrapping paper still on the floor; an empty box with a sleeping Stella nestled inside in a little white ball. The lights are dim, “The Thing” splaying horror across the giant tv and the four of us sitting around watching, laughing and sharing stories. It’s the best Christmas I’ve had in years and although I’m past the point of sleepy, I don’t want it to end. My parents, my son, in a room filled with love. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

– jillterry 12.24.18

Peaceful easy feeling 

Solstice blessings ~

Celebrating the glorious and sacred dance of life ~ 




Beltane Blessings


Beltane Blessings


Full Moon Blessings ||☽☮☾


Blessed Sunday ☽✯☾

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