Divine Intervention

Out of nowhere came this urgent need to reconnect with him. It had been several years but took only minutes before his voice was in my ear and he was damning me for reaching out again. I’d found him in limbo, which wasn’t actually surprising, he’d already done his stint in India, studying with theContinue reading “Divine Intervention”

Exceeding the Misery Quotient

So many ways To be miserable Attained on a daily basis The moment It wakes From unconsciousness Forced to face another day Plundering the masks Upon the wall Who shall It be today The angst the drama Poor pitiful soul Its only offer to the world The same worn path Each footfall memorized Wallowing mistakenContinue reading “Exceeding the Misery Quotient”


She reached with trembling hands In the one direction She knew she shouldn’t Precariously she traveled To the edge of deaths ledge Desperate to feel anything Craving his rejection She raised her arms As if to take flight The ground shook violently Breaking night’s silence She heard the hoof beats Coming hard and fast OverContinue reading “CROSS OF CHANGE”